Monday, May 16, 2011

Huge Announcements

First huge announcement's been exactly one year today since I met my little Aki, when she was sitting on a rug in the HBC club, mourning the passing of her kitty kat and we managed to start up a conversation. One year later (well one year minus a day) and my second huge announcement comes along. Today when chatting to her I finally got tired of hiding my feelings and proposed to her *pauses for the obligatory "awwwww"*

That's right, yesterday morning I asked her to marry me and be my partner, which I'm happy to report she said yes (so nyaa to all those that thought I would never partner with anyone ;p)

To be honest I really can't find the right words to describe how happy I am. Aki has always been there for me, when I was happy she was with me being happy (and most of the time was the cause of it), when I was sad or in need of help, she was there for me, letting me cry on her shoulder if I needed it and always there to tell me no matter how rotten things where, they were going to get better, and she was always right.

Since I'm still in a bit of a stupor I'll end this post here, but hopefully will have better words to describe it after a good sleep.

Thina =^-^=

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Little More Fun

This is one more I just had to share, I don't plan on doing this every day, but once in a while if I see something fun I'll share it with you all, and hope you like it as much as I do...if not oh well, I still think it's funny as hell ;p

Thina =^-^=

Friday, February 4, 2011

Just for fun

I just had to post this clip, I've seen it like a million times and it's way too funny not to share, hope you like it as much as I do ;p

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A year Past

Ok so not exactly a year, actually a little longer since I joined SL, and a lot has happened to be sure, and yes I know I haven't said anything in a really, really long time.

The first thing to say, because I'm turning over a new leaf and being more honest, yes, in SL I am a shemale, yes offline I have my own set of gender issues, I'm not special, I'm not the only one, but I'm also not ashamed nor afraid of it, I'll work it all out in time, with the help of my wonderful friends that after so long, I'm finally letting them get closer to me.

A lot happened in that first year, good and bad, but I have few regrets and over all I enjoy my time. What it all comes down to is what I've found after so long, through my experiences, and what I've learned and what's important. All this time I thought I knew when i didn't have the slightest idea. I used to be consumed by depression thinking I was never happy, god how wrong I was. Let me tell you exactly what is important to me:

My girls: Yes I am a Mistress, but I'm more than that, I'm a switch, I have my sub side, and there are times that it takes control of me, but in the end, my girls are the most important to me, more so than anything else. They keep me sane, keep me laughing, and remind me that no matter how bad things get, I am loved. With that said; Aki, Cathy, Samm, even well as the ones that I'll be waiting for, Mobat, Tessia (Athena) and Ling...thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying by me through it all, being there to support me and make me laugh, and just for being you =D

My friends: There aren't enough words in the world to express how truly grateful all of you have been, it's why writing this part is so hard. All of you have put up with all the crap I've gone through, been there to listen, offer a different opinion, a nice warm hug, or whatever it took to put a smile on my face. You have all reminded me not to take for granted the simple pleasure of knowing you are loved and cared for. My friends list is incredibly long, but some names stick out more than others so to you; Raze, Trinity, Rubbergirl, Mystress Breiz, Michael, and last but sure as hell never least Izarix. I have a lot of friends, and they are all good ones, but you, all of you I've listed, you have been my true friends, when I'm feeling down, or really need a friend to lean on, I always knew I could come to you and you would be there for me, thank you, so very much.

To everyone that still looks in, even when there was nothing to see, I thank you, I will keep updating it off and on, hopefully more than before, maybe not, I won't promise something I can't deliver, but I thank you for reading.

~Hugz and kisses, and everything in between~
Thina Mistwood =^-^=

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Warning: Depression!!!

You know, it's been a very very long time since I've posted anything, and there are various reasons behind it; some good, some bad, and some just born out of laziness. It's December (I know, hard to believe, time flies so fast), and it's nearing two, well actually three different anniversaries for me. The happy fun time one is near the end of the month, the 22nd to be accurate, that was my Rez day, and thinking back when i first entered SL, so much has changed and I realized that I'll never see SL for the first time ever again. The wonder and amazement, the thrill of something new and exciting, meeting new people, learning to create, most of all meeting one of my closest friends ever not more than three weeks into my explorations into SL (yeah I'm looking at you Raze ;p). She has known me the longest of anyone I've ever known in SL, she has been there with me through my ups and downs, put up with a lot of my whining, complaining, and just general being a pain in the ass (sometimes probably literally lol). So I want to say a very special thank you to you in particular hun, after all this time I honestly cannot imagine SL without ever having known you and I'll always be eternally grateful.

The other two anniversaries aren't quite as happy an joyful, the first one I want to mention, while it's sad, wasn't at all unexpected in a way. Back in 2008, the very end of the year, (December 31st to be particular) my grandmother passed away, the last living grandparent I had. It was the day before my birthday that it happened and it really hurt, but also, like I said, it wasn't unexpected. Grandma had been getting on in years, and the human species only lives for so long, and she had a long life with wonderful kids and even more wonderful grand kids, so while it was sad it was also a relief that she didn't have to go through anymore hospital visits and was able to somewhat slip away in the night so to speak.

There is one more reason why my grandmother's death was harder to take at the time, which leads to the third anniversary to bring up (if your easily upset, now is a good time to get a tissue). A few weeks prior to my grandma's passing, on December 9th, the woman that I had pledged my undying love to, had planned on spending the rest of my life with, had passed away from cancer. Those that know me well know that I've held on to it for good and bad for the past two years. It's lead me into the deepest pits of depression at times, causing me to loose focus in my school work, to abandon good and long time friends, even now those friendships hang by fragile threads. Tomorrow is the second year of her passing and only now have I finally been able to move on to a certain point, I still have good and wonderful friends to help me, a new love entering my life helping me to move on and be able to open up my heart again, which I honestly thought was going to be sealed away for good. I have wonderful pets that serve me faithfully and give me their love and support on a daily bases (yes I'm a Mistress, don't like it, get over it then).

Even now as I sit here typing I can feel tears of both sorrow and happiness, I lost someone very precious to me, and I will always hold her in my heart, but I also have someone to help me through my clouded thoughts at times serving as a rock to anchor myself to. Cathy I know I do not say it nearly often enough, but you mean the world to me, you have always known what to say to put a smile on my face, and I'll always cherish the second our paths crossed.

Thank you all for your continued support and care, your the best I could ask for, and far more than I deserve.

Thina Mistwood

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What a night!

Wow, what a night, starting off with a Neko party (sponsored by yours truly) I had told Iz (a totally awesome woman, I can't even begin to tell you) that I would dance for them sometimes since they've been having a hell of a time keeping dancers. Well I didn't plan on making my re entry into Second Life dancing tonight, nor did I figure on being put front and center on the...errm...front and center pole either. Now between you and me I think it was a conspiracy between; Michael, Kresh, and my girl Cathy to get me naked on stage in front of probably the biggest crowd I had sen at Hidden Taboo.

At any rate, after that came an even more fun and interesting time. It was time to take my dolly Samm's soul, which she was giving to me on her own (yes I'm a vamp too, deal with it *giggles*). At any rate, Cathy and I had spent about an hour and a half to two hours preparing for the event, making sure everything was ready, right down to my clothing for the evening and some last minute retexturing in the dungeon. I honestly can't begin to say how beautiful the event was, not only the biting, but also that three, yes three of my girls were there in addition to Samm, to witness the event, sweet little Akilina, adorable Cathy, and lovely yet zany Mobat. It was so wonderful that if I'm not careful I'll start to repeat myself any second ;p

I wish I could right more on both events...but it is 10am and I've yet to sleep so time to curl up and pass ni all =^_^=

~hugz and kisses~


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A New Look

I like change...often, as any that have seen my wardrobe can attest, so I figured it was high time to give this old place a new look along with a new perspective on things.

To put it plainly and bluntly, I love my girls, and I love my friends, and I love the work that I do in Second Life. It is these things that bring me back day after day, and minute after minute. Drama in Second Life is like an asshole...and excuses, everyone has one and they all stink (yes I know, it's really crude and in poor taste but it is also unfortunately accurate). My point is, drama is unavoidable no matter how you try, the trick is in how you deal with it, and the people you have by your side when it creeps it's nasty little head in, and I have been fortunate to be blessed with some of the bes friends anyone would have right to ask for, and not only my friends, but also my girls, they give me their support and strength when I need it with out question and always (or at least usually) with their complete trust in my judgement.

All my love to my girls, and to my friends, and a special one to a certain kitten, Kris